Orthopaedic conditions and podiatry (FULLY BOOKED)

Saturday 24 March 2018  

9 AM — 11 AM

We have reached a maximum number for this - we will re-run this later in the year.

There are so many conditions affecting the foot and leg and children's have some that are unique. This 2 hour webinar will cover some of the most common and uncommon and give practical tips for assessment and treatment when they present.

Time zone: (GMT +11) Australian Eastern Daylight Time

Assessment and History taking revisited (Fully booked!)

Saturday 21 July 2018  

9 AM — 11 AM

Missed one of our training session before or keen to brush up on history and assessment? This is the session for you. We will cover the GALLOP (Gait And Lower Limb Observations Of Paediatrics) proforma with all the theory and practical applications. Everything you need for basic assessment of paediatric lower limb is here in one easy module.

Time zone: (GMT +10) Australian Eastern Time


I know how to assess…what do I do now?

Saturday 06 October 2018  

9 AM — 5 PM

Interactive day where we build on assessment techniques to help identify and manage common and less common paediatric conditions.

We’ll look at additional assessment techniques and how these interface with what you know.

Conditions we’ll cover include:

  • Toe walking (of course)
  • metatarsus adductus
  • painful flat foot
  • JIA

Education on management will include both theory and hands on as we look at different equipment, exercise and stretching and learn to use aquaplast for splinting.

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Location: Mantra On Russell (Melbourne CBD)


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