We offer education and mentoring for podiatrists, by podiatrists.

No time to go to conferences?

Interrupted by the kids when trying watch webinars?

Children's Podiatry are here to provide support and contemporary paediatric education for you both online and through intensive workshops.

Our team of Education Consultants

Our team are leaders in paediatric podiatry and have established paediatric clinical and educational roles.

Dr Cylie Williams | BAppSc(Pod), MHlthEd(HlthProm & Ed), PhD

Cylie Williams

BASci(Pod), MHlthSc(HlthEd&Prom), PhD

Cylie is a familiar face in podiatry for her knowledge and research specific to paediatric podiatry.

She is loves education and keen to see all podiatrists provide excellence in care.

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Alicia James | BPod, MHlth Sci(Pod)

Alicia James

BPod, MHlth Sci(Pod), PhD

Alicia is another familiar face in paediatric podiatry. She also has her PhD and Paediatric Credential.

Alicia provides much of the mentoring at Children's Podiatry and keen to help you achieve your goals.

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Simone Cranage | BPod

Simone Cranage


Simone is a rising star in paediatric podiatry. She spends her time between public, private and study.

She led the amazing GALLOP project that gave the profession a standardised assessment form. She is also fast becoming our expert on young children's gait and footwear.

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Antoni Caserta | BPod

Antoni Caserta


Antoni is our quiet achiever because he is always working in clinic. This is why we love having him around. While many of us are in our ivory research towers, he brings us down to earth.

Antoni is key to many of our great ideas and keeps us busy making new webinars to help clinicians do what they do.

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What we offer

Intensive workshops

Full days of fun, action, research and learning like you have never seen it before.

Our consultants are here to help you take what you learn in a workshop into practice the next day. We're all clinicians so we understand and can use these tips to help you focus on being even more child and family focused.

Interactive webinars

Two hour workshops on topics delivered online. Join in at the time it is scheduled or any time in the following week. All articles and supporting documents provided.

These change from year to year or if it looks the same, we've updated the content as new research has come out.


Want to take the next step and build your skills in particular areas?

One-on-one mentoring is offered by our consultants based on your goals and learning needs. This means, you might catch up, in person or online with one or more of us as we work together to improve your podiatry skills.

Mentoring involves goal setting, supported learning and where possible in clinic observation.

Video consultations

Can't refer a tricky kid to our consultants because you live a long way from Melbourne or your families don't want to drive? We can offer video consultations. You can be our hands and we'll be the eyes and ears and we can help assess kid's together in your practice.

This also helps you learn through the experience of a secondary consultation. This is offered by our senior education consultants only. Please use the Contact Us to find out more about this service.

Assessment Webinar

  • Saturday 28th November 2020 10am - 12pm (Melbourne, AUS time)
  • Missed one of our training sessions or keen to brush up on history and assessment? This is the session for you. We will cover the GALLOP (Gait And Lower Limb Observations Of Paediatrics) proforma with all the theory and practical applications. Everything you need for basic assessment of paediatric lower limb is here in one easy module.

    Join us online on the day or can't make it? At the end of the session, you can watch online for a week after.




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Full day workshop

On hold

  • Interactive day building on assessment techniques & outcome measure to help identify, manage and understand the impact of your treatment for common and less common paediatric conditions.
  • Looking at additional assessment techniques & how these interface with what you know.
  • We’ll cover: Toe walking (of course), painful flat foot, JIA, & much much more!
  • Education on management will include both theory & practical advice how you can use different techniques and equipment.



Not available

Orthopaedic Conditions Webinar

  • Saturday 23 May 2020 10am-12pm (Melbourne, AUS time)
  • There are so many conditions affecting the foot and leg and children's have some that are unique. This 2 hour webinar will cover some of the most common and uncommon and give practical tips for assessment and treatment when they present.
  • This webinar will be recorded and you will have access for 1 week from the 23rd of May. Jump on line on the day for interactive discussion or watch during the day.



Not available

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