Our Team: Profiles

A/Prof Cylie Williams
BAppSc(Pod), MHlthEd(HlthProm & Ed), PhD

Cylie is an established international leader in paediatric podiatry. She has worked in multi-disciplinary teams assessing and treating children's gait and lower limb conditions. Cylie currently divides her time between research at Peninsula Health, Monash University and Kingston Foot Clinic. She also has an adjunct position at the University of South Australia and sessional tutor at La Trobe University. Despite all of this, paediatric podiatry education is her passion area.

Cylie has a PhD, published over 100 research papers and book chapters and there is over 30 of these that are paediatric podiatry specific. She also has an education based Masters degree. She has supervised honours students, Masters and PhD students in research projects and mentored many podiatrists in paediatric podiatry skills. She was one of the first podiatrists in Australia to receive her Paediatric Credential awarded by the Australian Podiatry Association, one of the six podiatrists in Australia who have achieved this.

Cylie is a world leader on the topic of idiopathic toe walking and is a regular presenter at conferences and has excellent group facilitation skills. She loves to create a learning environment for podiatrists to extend their skills and it is this experience she brings to Children’s Podiatry.

Dr Alicia James
BPod, MHlth Sci(Pod), PhD

Alicia has worked in public multidisciplinary clinics assessing and treating paediatric foot and lower leg conditions. Alicia is currently Head of Podiatry at Peninsula Health, Director at Kingston Foot Clinic and Children’s Podiatry.

Alicia has a strong commitment to the podiatry profession. She was previously a director on the APodA (Vic) board, past president of the APodA(Vic), past chair of the Victorian Paediatric Podiatry Special Interest group and was awarded the Jennifer O'Meara Award early in 2010. She is also a credentialed Paediatric Podiatrist as awarded by the Australian Podiatry Association. She is one of the seven podiatrists in Australia who have achieved this.

Alicia's PhD focused on children's heel pain. She researched treatment options and changed how we think about treatment for calcaneal apophysitis.

Alicia is an endorsed prescriber for scheduled medicines. She has Teacher on the Run training and supervised many podiatry students and mentored podiatrists in paediatric clinical practice.

It is these skills in education and mentoring that Alicia brings to Children’s Podiatry.

Simone Cranage

Simone started her podiatry career with academic achievements and was placed on the Dean’s honours list and awarded the Australian Podiatry Association (Vic) award for excellence in clinical studies. Since then, Simone has worked alongside the Children’s Podiatry team in both private and public settings.

Simone currently works in a multidisciplinary child health team providing paediatric assessment, diagnosis and management together with education for podiatrists working in a general role. She is involved in joint podiatry and physiotherapy clinics in this role and has a keen interest in developmental biomechanics and working with families. She was the lead author in research developing the GALLOP, a consensus based lower limb assessment tool for use by podiatrists and physiotherapists to assess children's lower limbs. She is now continuing her research while undertaking a Masters by Research degree through Monash University on the impact of different types of footwear on young children's gait.

Antoni Caserta

Antoni works both as a private podiatrist and within a public health multidisciplinary paediatric team. His public health role focuses on assessment and treatment of simple and complex gait disorders.

Antoni has previously been the chair of the Paediatric Special Interest Group for the Australian Podiatry Association (VIC), presented numerous times at Australian Podiatry Association Victorian State Conferences, Special Interest Groups and national conferences. He was the 2014 winner of the Jennifer O’Meara Memorial Award for outstanding achievement for a young podiatrists.

He recently led a Cochrane review on the treatment of Idiopathic Toe Walking and is a a PhD candidate at Monash University. Antoni is leading research to better understand the lower limb profile of children with an idiopathic toe-walking gait.

Antoni enjoys mentoring undergraduate students during their paediatric rotation paediatrics and this has led him to work with Latrobe University to create learning packages specifically relating to assessment.

Podiatry screrening.jpg
Nina Davies
BSc (Hons) Pod, MSc in Clinical Podiatric Biomechanics

Nina has super diverse roles and is a UK podiatry rock star. She works in a leadership role however has previously worked as a podiatrist and clinical lead in paediatrics with public healthcare and is research active to support this role.

Nina's usual role includes the management of a caseload of children with a variety of musculoskeletal clinical presentations and complex needs. Her interventions include helping children return to activities, encouraging children to maintain participation, independence and healthy lives. She has a strong interest in development of pathways, service improvement has champion roles in outcome measures, clinical rotation and paediatric mentorship.

Nina is a visiting lecturer at Staffordshire University, developing and delivering MSc level modules in paediatric lower limb development, pathologies and therapies both in the classroom and online.

At UK national level, Nina is the post graduate advisor for the Podopaediatric Special Advisory Group, and is editor for the College of Podiatry’s, Paediatric Podiatry Clinical Framework. She has presented at numerous conferences, delivers training and contributes to media nationally to meet the group's aims.

Nina has an BSc (Hons) in Podiatry, an MSc in Clinical Podiatric Biomechanics and certification in imaging, injection therapies and management qualifications. She has published her Masters dissertation on children’s footwear and has supported research projects on falls, outcome measures, toe walking and paediatric foot orthoses.