A short blog to share about how we collaborate.

Our consultants do their damned to get the word out on all things kids podiatry. In a short time we have gone for 300 people on FB to over !.6K followers. Twitter is building and so is instagram.

Some people have even commented numerous times on how much we must get paid for this sort of stuff. Guess what, the amount we get paid is generally equal to what you are getting paid to read this.

If you see stuff that you don't have to pay for, guess what we have done it for free. Why, probably because we are really shitty business people but at the same time, knowledge should be free. It should be shared. It isn't all altruistic, we do earn a living, we all just do that from other stuff. If you are a member, you have contributed to the running of all this tech and for giving us a bit of admin support for the stuff we can't do ourselves. Not all our consultants are as flexible with their time as well. Some have very busy clinician loads so they contribute more behind the scenes to the articles and posts.

So, in the interest of the sharing, here are some free stuff some of our consultants have been doing if you haven't already come across it. Check back as more is planned and we will be adding in the future.

Interviews with:

Wired on Development:

Podchat Live:

These guys are doing great things. No paid speakers, just a bunch of people having a chat about what they are passionate about: http://podchatlive.com/cylie-williams/